About Company

Welcome to the world of beautiful architectures, where constructions are shaped in aesthetic designs with Shine City. Established in 2013, Shine City has become an epitome developer of marvelous constructions and execution of high-valued lands. It is known for transforming barren pieces of lands into dream cities/townships. When it comes to townships, we offer high-valued lands at the most exotic locations of India, where every place shares its own specialty. The company is trusted for keeping its promises to give the assured possessions of retail, residential and commercial properties.

It has become in a short time a reference for the Real Estate market in India. All our properties reflect the state-of-the art designs with high-end sustainable technologies. One of our primary goals is to transform India’s landscape into a Green Skyline with all the amenities to improve your comfort.

We are specialists in developing modern green townships. Our combination of technologies is changing Northern India. Our Infrastructure Division (Shine City Infra) has innovated the way buildings are managed, and it continues to do so with every new project. We have experience in developing properties for various uses like:

The list is growing. Each implementation is the successful application of technology to increase efficiency and open new possibilities for our clients.

Our experience in residential facilities has led us to develop a new business line. We target the retail market to furnish and fill your home with style with Shine Shoppe. We have added the apparel section to let our clients find everything they need online in a single portal. Some other products include books, stationary, and mobile accessories.

Our latest addition is Shine Yatra. It takes the service concept to a new level. We have services to facilitate your life while you travel and when you are at home. You can schedule through our portal:

Our final goal is to make your life easier every day. Not just at your home or office, but in your daily activities. Let us do the dirty work, and just live life your way.

How Shine City defines the Ultra-Modern Townships

In urban conglomerate, life is running at the speed of light. People hardly ever have the chance to enjoy it, and Shine City is there to help. We started designing ultra-modern townships with the latest technology. From there, we moved on to the retail and service market to give you all the amenities you need at a smooth touch of your tips.

For Shine City, the modern townships are designed to make life easier. They offer all amenities working flawlessly, plus the possibility to get anything you want from a single platform. We value your time, and we are working hard to make the modern home in uniquely designed township a reality for everyone.